Video: Crafting a Wedding Ring

Categories: News, Videos | Posted 14-6-2014

Jewelry can mark milestones and some of the most exciting moments in peoples lives, and I feel so fortunate to be part of some of those moments. I had the opportunity to work with Ben Bach on his custom wedding ring. I soon learned that Ben is a cinematographer and producer.

Like me – Ben’s projects often begin as just a glimmer, then blossom into a piece that is crafted and formed to a grand expression of something much bigger than yourself.

Ben asked me if I might be interested in being the feature of a video, to be shot and edited in a style he wanted to explore – that would show the process of creating a wedding ring with a fun, direct casting method. I was thrilled to share the process – and at the same time learned about the creative process of video. Ben’s vision was one that lets the story reveal itself in a graceful and genuine way.

Ben realized that music would be a big component to the video – so we reached out to musician Gavin Castleton who created a piece of music that so perfectly compliments the video and thoughtfully engages the viewer.

The video is a grand expression of those layers of creativity, formed and guided by Ben’s vision that started as just a little glimmer.

Take a watch and enjoy!

Thank you!

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