VK Designs is dedicated to using ethically obtained materials in the belief that every person deserves respect and and the chance at a healthy life.

The creative duo behind VK Designs are identical twins sisters Valerie and Rachel. The company was founded and is headed by metalsmith and designer Valerie Kasinskas.

Their distinct jewelry is handcrafted from responsibly-sourced materials. They are dedicated to creating unique designs featuring recycled and Fairmined™ metals, and ethically sourced gemstones. They create custom jewelry as well as offer a line of ready-to-wear daily jewelry.

VK Designs uses recycled and ethically-sourced metals, as well as certified conflict-free gemstones and diamonds. They donate 5 percent of  profits every year to organizations that support ethical practices in the field of jewelry and mining, including Earthworks, and Ethical Metalsmiths.  

Valerie and Rachel transform responsibly-sourced metal and unexpected stone cuts into comfortable, functional jewelry. The forms are organic, bold and contemporary. They work in palladium, platinum, golds and silver and enjoy working with uncut or raw diamonds, as well as rose cut stones and other unexpected shapes.

Their mantra is to make each day better than the one before.



Farmined-Rings2-VKDesigns-20kGoldFairmined™ is an assurance label that certifies gold and sliver is from empowered, responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It transforms mining into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold and sliver to be proud of.

VK Designs is proud to support these efforts, and was part of a global team of jewelers to show their commitment by visiting the Aurelsa gold mine in Relave, Peru – one of the first Fairmined certified mines in the wold. Read about Valerie’s experience and more about Fairmined certification.


Watch the below video of Valerie creating an organic gold set of wedding rings, learn about the creative team behind the video here.

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