How do I identify my or my partner's ring size?


If you have never worn a ring before, keep in mind that your finger fluctuates in size depending on the weather, time of day and activities you are doing. You are trying to choose the size that will be the happy medium between the extremes.

I am happy to send you a ring sizer or size you in person if you are local to Portland, OR. Email me with your address for a sizer.


Why do you describe your jewelry as 'ethical'?


VK Designs features all recycled metals. Mining is one of the most destructive human activities, so utilizing recycled metal helps to lessen the demand for freshly mined metals for the jewelry industry. VK Designs has many options in ethical diamonds as well. We offer diamonds from a variety of sources including conflict-free sources that are full participants of the Kimberly certification process, certified origin specific stones from Canada, Australia and Russia, recycled diamonds or lab created diamonds. We also offer moissanites, Fair Trade gemstone and ethical sapphires & ruby options.


Do you create custom jewelry?


I love creating custom work. Each custom piece is so personal and unique. I also utilize clients’ existing gems and metals directly in a new custom piece or I can recycled them for credit toward your piece. Please feel free to contact me about custom pieces.


Where can I buy your jewelry?


I currently have “The Dark Sparkle” collection available at these locations. For custom pieces I work directly out of my studio.


How do you recommend I care for my jewelry?


Congratulations on your new ring! This symbolic piece is most likely the most sentimental piece you will have. With this in mind you want to take the best care possible to keep it safe and beautiful.



Your ring should be the last thing you put on after clothing, make-up, hairspray and perfume. These chemicals can affect your jewelry and make it dull.

Always have a consistent safe place to keep your rings while you are doing chores around the house, garden or any outdoor activities.

Be sure to remove your ring before showering, swimming or washing dishes. Soap can buildup causing a dull appearance. Chlorine can also cause damage and pitting to gold and platinum. Ocean water temperatures can also cause your ring to slip off and become lost.

Wear with care everyday. We can damage our rings with repetitive movements of pulling them across textiles, biking, or even carrying a heavy bag. Many activities can put strain on your rings, when in doubt take it off and put it in a safe place. VK Designs is happy to create a simple front clasping necklace to keep your design safe while at work or out and about.



Wash every two weeks. VK Designs recommends placing your piece in a mixture of warm water and windex for an hour and washing well with very warm water to remove any debris every two weeks.

Professional cleaning. We are happy to do a more thorough cleaning of your design and any light refinishing or polishing to maintain your piece at any time, just let us know.

Professional inspections. We are also happy to periodically inspect your design for safetly. If you suspect any changes or problems, place your design securely in a bag and schedule an appointment.



Take extra care to dry under the ring. We recommend drying under your ring each time you wash your had to avoid having any water trapped under your ring. Trapped water can irritate the skin and cause a rash.


Download a PDF of these suggestions here.


How long does a custom project take to complete??


Custom work varies usually from 2-6 weeks and depends on the complexity, materials needed and the techniques required. Feel free to contact me with any questions on time frames.