Ty & Carolina Summer Wedding

Categories: Events, News | Posted 24-9-2014

Ty & Carolina Ty & Carolina2

Congratulations to Ty & Carolina on their recent wedding! It looks so fresh and bright at their summer celebration.

Wedding & engagement rings by VK Designs. Photos by Bobby Zhu of Spectrum Designs.

Chris & Joanie Wedding Celebration

Categories: Featured Projects, News | Posted 11-9-2014

Chris & Joanie_v2 Chris & Joanie_v42

It was so wonderful getting to know Chris and Jonie over the past couple of years through the creation process of their custom wedding and engagement pieces. They both have such big hearts!

Their rings symbolize their unique connection and reflect their personalities. Big congratulations on your lovely Portland wedding!

Custom engagement ring is hammered 14k yellow gold with a yellow diamond and custom wedding rings are hammered palladium. Wedding photography by Nina Johnson.

Jacob & Colleen Summer Wedding

Categories: Events, Featured Projects, News, Press, Videos | Posted 21-7-2014

Jacob & Colleen 1

Jacob & Colleen Wedding images2

Congratulations Jacob & Colleen! It was a pleasure creating your custom wedding (and engagement) rings for your your special day!

They tied the knot on June 28th!

Photos by Acorn Studios, Portland OR.


Video: Crafting a Wedding Ring

Categories: News, Videos | Posted 14-6-2014

Jewelry can mark milestones and some of the most exciting moments in peoples lives, and I feel so fortunate to be part of some of those moments. I had the opportunity to work with Ben Bach on his custom wedding ring. I soon learned that Ben is a cinematographer and producer.

Like me – Ben’s projects often begin as just a glimmer, then blossom into a piece that is crafted and formed to a grand expression of something much bigger than yourself.

Ben asked me if I might be interested in being the feature of a video, to be shot and edited in a style he wanted to explore – that would show the process of creating a wedding ring with a fun, direct casting method. I was thrilled to share the process – and at the same time learned about the creative process of video. Ben’s vision was one that lets the story reveal itself in a graceful and genuine way.

Ben realized that music would be a big component to the video – so we reached out to musician Gavin Castleton who created a piece of music that so perfectly compliments the video and thoughtfully engages the viewer.

The video is a grand expression of those layers of creativity, formed and guided by Ben’s vision that started as just a little glimmer.

Take a watch and enjoy!

Thank you!

FAIRMINED Gold Article “Ethical gold” aims to curb mining’s toll in South America

Categories: News | Posted 4-3-2014

The new FAIRMINED Gold initiative that VK Designs is a part of is getting some great press. We are working with Ethical Metalsmiths.

Take a look at this  wonderful article about our latest efforts sourcing directly from AURELSA in Relave, Peru.

fairmined new logo goldRelave 1

Relave 2  Relave 3

Photos thanks to ethicalmetalsmiths.org